To see everything from the tall one, to touch the tops of the trees, to feel the wind on the skin, to go down up to graze the waters of a river and then to go up again... softly... in silence... above the world!

Umbria in hot-air balloon                      


Umbria is the green heart of Italy with its medieval suburbs often castled on verdant hills, its lowlands, its woody high ground, its rivers and its lakes that fascinate the tourist. But all of this purchases taste everything different if seen by the tall one, and, from a hot-air balloon, it is a show mozzafiato. This experience will leave, to whom will want to try her/it, an unforgettable memory indeed.

Why flying in hot-air balloon? Surely not to arrive in a short time, but to enjoy lightness, armony, air enveloping you, relax and peace that don't lessen that taste of adventure... everything made in extreme safety, so... there's no reason to stand on the ground looking upwards.

Our expert pilots fly usually for one-hour-long trips, but we can organize special flights.

Flying on a balloon could aslo bea n occasion to celebrate anniversaries, new friendships, birthdays…



There are three take-off points in Umbria:

- Assisi

- Trasimeno Lake

- Todi

If you are a tourist we can arrange the shuttle service from and to your accomodation.



We'll fly over one of the most charming panorama in Italy , offering you a first class hot-air balloon trip.


Services included:

  • Shuttle service;

  • Flyght with a professional pilot;

  • Typical breakfast

Info and Details NOTE  

all the days
Leaving: about 6.00 a.m. from your accomodation
Flight lenght: about one hour
Minimum number of participants: 2 persons
Price: € 300 each (€. 250+IVA)

  • You need to wear long pants and no heels shoes
  • No age restrictions
  • Flight can be cancelled due to meteorological conditions
  • Booking in advance is needed


For further information or to book
your flight click on the hot-air balloon


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