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  Why “shaped like idea”?



Why did I call my website “shaped like idea”? Because all things we do or we think of realize always born from an idea that is the freest, most immediate and purest thing that our mind can generate. I created this website and I update it almost every day, with every experiences and information I gathered and I’m gathering about my hobbies and that I want share with who has these hobbies like me.

Really, I want show all my hobbies as if it were all small monothematic websites where you can enter through my homepage. I know that all my hobbies won’t be of public interest and, for this, I inserted some little extracts on my homepage to agree a targeted navigation. In every pages and in every sections of my website there is a simple menu that agree a fast movement through all the sections of my website. So, I hope every visitor find here an interesting topic.

I am a graphic designer, a cartoonist and a painter, I like photography and the computer graphic, of which I have a fairly good knowledge, but also I like bricolage and manual works.

The section about Christmas and Nativity scene, the most known techniques and the little tricks to realize a good and cheap Nativity scene, is the most visited.

Since a lot of time, in the pages about Christmas, you can find also friend’s realizations from whole of Italy; exactly a lot of people sent me their works with text and they asked me for divulge they on my website. I did it with pleasure, because I think they are strong experiences that will concern a lot of my visitors.

Good navigation and I hope you’ll be back soon…


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Giordano Bompadre -

He was born in a little town in the Marches, S. Angelo in Pontano (MC), in October 1950. After a lot of years experienced in Lucca, in Tuscany, he finally goes to live in Umbria, in Foligno, where now he lives and works. He frequented the Art school in Perugia and he showed his pictorial works in a lot of  one-man and collective exhibition. His drawings and his cartoons illustrated some local and national publications and they are up to now divulged in a lot of websites.


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